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After my preliminary research on the two competitor consultancies in chennai, i opted for Mr. Prem's company as my consultant for the Canadian immigration project, way back in 2003 March. Except for Prem's frankness and professionalism , i would have gone for the other company who actually charged double than that of Prem's.  The decision taking point was this....Prem told me that it would take a minimum of 32 months, the other company promised me 18 months.. , and from my research i found that what Prem said was according to the trend and realistic.. 

From that time till my visa was granted , I had interacted with him frequently for the submission of various relevant documents.. and the fact that the relationship still continues speaks volumes of his service.. Also I have noticed that , he is never in a hurry to send a client or a student who wants to go to Canada to Denmark or to Cyprus..or somewhere else. It is upto the client to make the decision, and Prem behaves in the way a consultant is supposed to behave.. Of course, if you approach him with lot of confusions regarding what should be your options..he is the best person to guide you..

I admire him and his company for its realistic approach , which is based on expert knowledge, experience and efficiency and confidence.. His no visa no fee is a demonstration of the tremendous confidence this company is having in its services.

I wish Mr. Prem and 360 Options Abroad all the very best.
"I applied for visa through 360 Abroad Consultants for skilled independent visa. I got the visa in August 2009. 360 Abroad gave very good guidance in preparing and applying for the visa. Mr. Prem is very cool and advices in simple manner throughout the process especially in critical times when the Australian Government frequently kept changing their visa policies. The motivation given by him during such times was in going through such long process. Since I came from a different circumstance, the assurance that he gave was very helpful and I got 100% result. I must also thank the entire team for their help and support. Thank you Mr. Prem & team."
Veera - General Skilled Visa, Fitter - Australia
"My hearty thanks to 360 Abroad for assisting, supporting and guiding at every move of our Permanent Residence Visa to Australia. I really appreciate their prompt and perfect service to candidates like us. TheyTalk less – Work more – Achieve more."
Jayaraj - Skilled Independent Visa - Australia
"Initially I was very disappointed with my selection. Later I realised that I should have patience. I was very impatient in the beginning and was counselled by the consultants that it is not a short term planning and I realised the same and my dream of settling down in Australia was fulfilled. I would especially like to thank Mr. Prem for handling my case wonderfully. Cheers!!"
Fayaz , Chennai
"360 Abroad is known for its Services and has a high success rate.  I came to know about them through my friends. All staff at 360 Abroad are highly professional and customer friendly. Their timely communication has helped prompting me with appropriate deliverable from my side to help my visa processing. 360 Abroad is known for its Services and has a high success rate. I came to know about them through my friends. All staff at 360 Abroad are highly professional and customer friendly. Their timely communication has helped prompting me with appropriate deliverable from my side to help my visa processing."
Venkatesh. R, Chennai
"I didn’t have any idea about the Migration process to Australia. I was also scared to pay money to consultants, as there is so much news about cheating. Then I met Mr. Prem and the way he spoke me and counselled me assured me that he would be the right person to proceed with. He also gave me the confidence that I need not worry about the process and my visa. I also spoke to some of my friends and other candidates and everyone were satisfied with his approach.

Their processing, guidance, approach by their staff has given me lot of satisfaction. Finally, when I got my visa, my long time dream has come true and 360 Abroad was instrumental in realising my dream & goal. Definitely I would recommend all my friends to use their services."
Venkatesh. V, Tirunelveli
"They are well known for their success rate and I had a lot of confidence in them. As expected, they kept up their word and got my PR in the expected time, without any delay. I thank the courteous staff for their excellent service, timely communication, foresight, etc and for getting the PR for me and my wife."
Sivaraman, Bangalore
"Reasons why I would recommend MO:
  • Cordial treatment of the client
  • Understanding the voice of the customer
  • Their expertise in documentation, guidance, etc
  • Cost is also one of the factors, where there is quality service.
  • ISO 9001:2000 certification
It’s worth it!!!"
Selvan, Chennai
"I got to know them through my friends who migrated through them. I was very happy with the way they counselled me and guided me through the entire process. They know how to tackle difficult situations, how to prepare additional documents to convince the case officer, in case he has any doubts. Their customer service is worth mentioning. And their coordination is very good. They give you the actual feedbacks, no hidden facts."
Rajan, Chennai
"It’s a credible place where we can fulfil our goals successfully & within the timeframe promised. They are very cordial in approach and quick in action. They also cleared all our doubts about the process and also about the career in Australia. Thanks a lot!!"
Parthiban, Chinglepet
"I heard about them through my friends. But still I met so many other consultants, but the response was very poor. I also felt, like my friends, that they are best and most reliable.

Their way of approach is very good. They are not very particular about taking the money from you all the time. They give you the right advice and guidance.

I have already recommended so many people to them."

Balaji, Chennai
"My friend suggested me to go to 360 Abroad. He said they are genuine and prompt. I also realised that they are very reliable and friendly."
Ravichandran, Chennai
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