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tudy in Switzerland , Immigration Consultant, Overseas Education, Education Abroad.If it is Switzerland, it is not just the best of educational institutions, but the best of scenic beauty and climate as well. Yes, Switzerland boasts of an incomparable weather all through the year, and needless to say, prides in offering a delightful ambience. The diversity of the landlocked, mountainous country is the essence of Switzerland and gives the country its unique identity.

Besides its distinguished universities, it is also known for its financial institutions, fine cheeses and chocolate, watch making industry, and an excellent network of public traffic. In a nutshell, there can be no better place on earth if you really want to obtain the best of education in the best of environment.

Because of its central position, the weather is influenced by the four main European air currents from the Atlantic, the eastern continent, the northern subpolar region and the Mediterranen south. The climate is temperate on the Central Plateau, otherwise it differs considerably from region to region.

Swiss quality
A land with values
Reliability, punctuality, political and economic stability: Switzerland is proud of what it does best. And although the country boasts unrivalled scenic beauty and variety, it has no raw materials – which is why research and development are accorded such great importance. No other country in the world invests so much per capita in pure research and new technologies. Thankfully, the results are there for all to see…

A stone’s throw away. Even from the largest Swiss cities it’s easy to reach spectacular mountain landscapes in short order. Lakes and rivers are pure enough to drink from, while the alpine peaks give fresh perspective – and encourage fresh thinking.

Alternative programme
Variety guaranteed. Picturesque lakes and dazzling white glaciers, romantic palm-filled gardens and dramatic castles: this small country is packed with interest and variety. Experience it all in a single day – without the need for rushing.

Resident in Switzerland. It feels good being at home in Switzerland. Why else (apart from the spectacular scenery!) would world sports associations such as FIFA, UEFA and the International Olympic Committee have their headquarters here?

Linguistic richness
Customs and traditions. Multicultural Switzerland has four official languages and cultures: German, French, Italian and Romansh. English is also widely spoken in business and academia.

Good value. Less expensive than you think, and well worth what you pay… Switzerland offers superb quality at an unbeatable price. If you want the best, expect a great deal.

World-renowned institutions. Biotechnology, medical technology, communications, shared services, micro- and nanotechnology as well as environmental technology all flourish here, regarded as the true engines of the Swiss economy.

Investing in the future. In terms of sustainability, little Switzerland shows its stature, often leading the pack. This is confirmed by international studies such as the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), in which Switzerland takes first place.

Tradition of mediation
Striving for conciliation. Some 200 international organisations are based in Switzerland, including the UN, the WHO and the Red Cross (which was founded by the Swiss citizen Henri Dunant). All value the fact that they operate from neutral territory.
Unusual accommodation
Between tradition and modernity
There are conference centres at which the future has already arrived: architectural gems, allied with dazzling technology. But there are also log cabins deep in the forest, where office routine seems a distant memory and team spirit has a chance to flourish. Then there are the famous Swiss grand hotels, with their incomparable charm – and personally run small enterprises where hospitality and a warm welcome take pride of place. The choice is yours…

Congress centres
Unique character. Not just their facilities – their locations are exceptional too. Whether situated in the heart of a city or high on a mountain, the members of the Swiss Convention Centres alliance promise individuality to suit your event.

Hotel chains
Top quality. All of the well-known hotel chains are represented in Switzerland. Naturally their properties guarantee outstanding facilities, tuned to the needs of international guests – in the mountains as well as in the cities.

Monastic life
Creative silence. The tranquillity of a monastery or convent offers the chance to reflect undisturbed on one’s situation – or on an important decision. Such calming seclusion can, as if magically, allow new ideas full of originality to come to the surface.

Mountain magic
Absolute tranquillity. Often situated in remote locations, far from the beaten track, traditional mountain huts ooze charm and cosiness – the perfect place to conclude busy days of team activities in a homely atmosphere.

Period charm
Discreet splendour. Switzerland’s famous grand hotels retain the heady, pioneering atmosphere of an age long past. With their restrained glamour, elegant interiors, sumptuous materials and immaculate service, they still delight guests to this day.

Polar dreams
Cool nights. A night under a vaulted roof of ice is, in truth, a thoroughly warming and cosy experience. But first of all, the igloo must be built – using only snow, and with expert guidance, to avoid unwelcome collapses…

Summit meeting
Fresh air. Switzerland encourages guests to aim high – in many places you can reach 3,000 m or more. As you scale the heights, you gain a clear view of the world around you – and find that the fresh air does wonders for the mind too.

Respecting the environment. Most of the hotels and conference centres that are located beside one of Switzerland’s many lakes have used lake water for heating and cooling for years: just one of a range of measures to protect the environment.
Public transport system
The journey is the destination
A little island at the heart of Europe, Switzerland is easy to reach from anywhere in the world. The public transport system is regarded as exemplary, and is without doubt one of the most reliable and best organised in the world. A byword for comfort and punctuality, it reaches every corner of the land – often in spectacular style. Thanks to the country’s tremendous scenic variety in a compact area, even the journey is an unforgettable experience.

Across the water
Floating comforts. Switzerland is blessed with sublimely beautiful lakes. Along their shores lie romantic villages and buzzing cities, sun-blessed vineyards and dramatic cliffs – experienced most memorably from one of the old paddle steamers.

Mountain rides
Up on high. Switzerland’s crowning glory is the alpine mountain chain. And they are surprisingly easy to reach: almost every well-known peak is served by a cable car, cog railway or funicular – including the Jungfraujoch, “Top of Europe”.

On snowshoes
High fashion. Their popularity is no surprise: anyone who has tried on a pair of snowshoes is sure to return to explore tranquil snow-covered landscapes, far from the beaten track, and enjoy a rare sense of being part of nature.

Plane and train
Worldwide connections. Planes from all over the world land at the five airports of Zürich, Geneva, Bern, Basel and Lugano, while high-speed trains arrive from across Europe, notably the TGV from France, ICE from Germany and Cisalpino from Italy.

Better connected. For more than 150 years, Switzerland’s yellow postbuses have been bringing passengers as well as post to the remotest corners of the country. Their unmistakable threetone horns are a familiar sound throughout the Alps.

Special carriages
Travel with a difference. Salon de Luxe, Stiva Retica, Pan Gottardo… Whether you are hosting a welcome party, a launch meeting or a concluding dinner, special rail carriages provide an unforgettable setting – as well as memorable gastronomic treats.

On the right track. A train runs every 12 minutes. Switzerland’s 3,000 km of track carry 9,000 trains a day – a European record. And rail is eco-friendly: as they negotiate the 671 tunnels and 6,000-plus bridges, Swiss trains emit almost no pollution.

Train, bus, boat, tram
Guaranteed on time. Just one ticket covers the whole of Switzerland: the Swiss Travel System offers free travel on the entire public transport network – trains, buses, boats and trams. Also included: punctuality.
Activities full of contrasts
Guaranteed variety
The success of a meeting depends on the quality of its social programme. For only those who feel well looked after can perform to the best of their ability. Sports, culture, wellness, shopping, active pursuits, passive pleasures: Switzerland has an enormous variety of attractions. Best of all, you can find everything on your doorstep. So what are you waiting for? Give your participants the very best that our country has to offer.

Ancient traditions
Wrestling, Swiss-style. Schwingen, the Swiss national sport, involves two men on a circle of sawdust, each attempting to throw his opponent on his back. Equally traditional are Steintossen (stonethrowing) and Hornussen (a cross between golf and baseball).

Exclusively for you
An event to remember. Plan a magnificent surprise for your participants: hire out an entire medieval small town, stage a historic-style Swiss street parade or have your logo beamed onto the walls by a light artist. Here, nothing is impossible.

Fun and games
Unlimited opportunities. Nothing beats the thrill of stepping out of your comfort zone to push your own boundaries. Experienced instructors and expert guides are on hand to guarantee safety during a host of exciting activities and adventures.

Good to know
Made in Switzerland: here’s how. How exactly do you make a hollow chocolate Easter rabbit? What makes a perfect cheese rind? And just how much skill goes into creating a high-quality watch? We are happy to share our secrets: welcome to the factory…

Shop and savour
A taste for diversity. Switzerland stands for chocolate, watches, jewellery, cheese – and wine. But you can also sample good taste in the boutiques and specialist shops that celebrate the country’s cultural diversity with great charm.

Style and substance
Culture, art and architecture. World-famous architects including Mario Botta, Jean Nouvel, Herzog & de Meuron and Santiago Calatrava have created spectacular modern museums, hotels and conference centres to give thrilling contrast to local tradition.

Summer and winter
Variety throughout the year. From golf, hiking and mountainbiking to skiing and winter walking, this little country has a mountain of activities to offer all year. And more passive pursuits, too – such as an outstanding range of wellness facilities.

World champions in recycling. Careful control of planning, strict building regulations, tough pollution limits, an exemplary waste-disposal system and a comprehensive recycling policy: Switzerland’s commitment to the environment has won plaudits worldwide.


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