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Why Study in Sweden?
The largest Scandinavian country has a lot to offer study abroad students. Beautiful cities, efficient public transportation, peaceful foreign relations, clean air, high-end design, and world-class academics are all a part of the Swedish experience.

With crime rates among the lowest in the world, the capital city of Stockholm is a treasure for students. Situated on 14 islands, Stockholm is one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities. As one of the leading nations in environmental preservation, Sweden is a great place to enjoy the outdoors, and there is never a lack of breathtaking scenery.

Sweden is also the home of the Nobel Prize and, consequently, has always taken academia seriously. Standards of achievement remain high. Universities work closely with industries to give students practical experience and the independence they need to be competitive. All courses taught in Sweden are subject to rigorous quality control every six years.

In addition to the government, universities are also very receptive to the student’s opinions on academic standards. The result is an education that is sought after the world over: Sweden has one of the highest percentages of foreign students studying on their soil, and the number of foreign students traveling to Sweden has drastically increased over the years. Most universities fully subsidize tuition costs for students, regardless of their nationality, so nearly anyone can afford to study here. There are also over 200 Master’s programs being offered in English, so foreign language should not be a barrier. In fact, many businesses use English as their official working language.

Engineering, research and development, information technology and biomedicine are some of the most heavily-funded of Sweden’s business sector, putting them in the top percentile of countries in the world for published research and inventions. Inventors, engineering majors, scientists, computer programmers, and anyone interested in cutting edge technology will find this small country a world of inspiration.

In addition to inventions and engineering, Sweden has recently seen a boom in the “experience industry,” which is composed of, among other things, creative design, music, culinary arts, and tourism.


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