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More applicants are applying for a fixed number of places, meaning that the immigration authorities can only approve those persons with the best-prepared applications. Every year, the applications of thousands of hopeful migrants are refused or delayed due to errors or mistakes, many of which were avoidable.

Realities of Immigration
Immigration regulations may seem deceptively simple, leaving an applicant with a false sense of security and optimism. Some materials published by the government provide incomplete and vague information about the immigration criteria, leading prospective immigrants to over-estimate their eligibility. Consequently, when they apply for immigration, they are rejected. Government guidelines distributed to applicants are meant to be merely guidelines. They signal only the minimum criteria for eligibility to migrate. They may be a good starting place, but anyone who is seriously considering immigration must realize that the subjective criteria and the discretionary power used in the assessment by the visa officer can affect your case negatively.

Regulations and selection criteria most pertinent to your application may change without notice. Applicants submitting cases based on inaccurate information will face a greater likelihood of refusal. Ignorance of procedures and regulations can be devastating to your case.

The Visa application process is not simple & straight forward. The immigration department has many policies, complex rules & regulations that keep changing frequently. Hence, it has now become essential to retain the professional services of a consultant to assess the individuals case at the initial stage, recommend the category under which to apply, ensure & expedite the successful processing of application.

The complexity of the immigration process most often necessitates seeking professional representation for your immigration case.

An effective counsel fully comprehends the complex realities of the migration process, current regulations and pending changes, thus can screen out all the outdated and inaccurate information remaining in circulation. Such a professional understands that cases are processed slightly differently, depending on where the application is submitted. The visa office in London, for example, may follow slightly different processing rules than the one in Cairo. We as experts, can ensure that your immigration application proceeds as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and ultimately results in an immigration visa.

Failure to provide all necessary supporting documentation and to complete all necessary forms accurately can result in delays and potential rejection of the application. Pursuant to the Immigration regulation acts, a visa officer has the power to refuse an application irrespective of the number of points received by the applicant.

Hence the need, for professional advice and assistance during this difficult interface between you, the individual, and a powerful, uncompromising government authority.


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