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Why is PR (Permanent Residence) the best option?
  • It leads to full Citizenship after living there.
  • It enables you to be in the best personal position as you don't have to worry anymore about going in and out of the country as a tourist or other visas ( business or employment sponsorship).
  • If you are on an employment sponsorship visa, employers take advantage of your situation and pay you less and they know that you depend on them, as you have to leave the country in a month if something goes wrong with the employer.
  • You are in a far better marketable position if you apply for jobs as a PR otherwise you will find that employers don't even want to consider you because the employment sponsorship is a very complicated procedure for them to go through.
  • Even if you just decide to be a student (or your partner wishes to study) it's still the best choice as studies are very expensive for overseas students and once you become a PR you immediately enjoy the benefits of a local student, and pay from half to a third of the price for your studies and you are eligible for various Government grants.
  • You get immediately free Medicare that is the basic governmental insurance package.
How is a Work Permit different from a Immigration Visa?
A Work Permit allows an eligible visitor to reside and work in the country for a limited period of time, and restrictions are usually placed on the type of employment which can be pursued. It will not, by itself, lead to Permanent Resident status. By contrast, an Immigration Visa entitles its holder to live and work anywhere in the country of choice, enjoy many of the privileges of a Citizenship, apply for Citizenship after 3 years and sponsor family members for Permanent Resident status.

How long will it take to process my migration application?
All depends under which type of visa you are applying for migration. Each application is unique and a time estimate can only be determined onceour consultant has done a personal assessment. The average processing times also vary for different countries.

What about qualifications ?
You need a basic tertiary qualification and should also satisfy the age criteria set by each country.Can I include my spouse & children in my application ?Yes, you can definitely include your spouse in your application as a dependent. As for your children, If they are still dependent on you, they will be included on your visa. Married / Independent children will not be included in your application.

Do I have to undergo a Medical Test?
Yes. A medical test is standard procedure and every member of the family, who has been included in the application, need to pass that. A blood test will be conducted and X-rays of the chest will be taken

Can I visit these countries while my migration application is being processed?
Yes. But……
You will need to meet the requirements for that class of visa, which may include the requirement that you only intend a holiday or short visit. Visitors visas are not intended to provide residence for migration applicants awaiting the outcome of their application.

Can I be granted my migrant visa while I am in the coutry for which I have applied for a Migrant Visa?
* No. You must be outside the country before they can grant you the migrant visa. You must depart the country for your visa to be granted and evidenced in your passport. You do not need to return to the country where the application was lodged as this can be done at any overseas mission.

Do I have to lodge my passport with my application?
Passports are NOT required to make a valid application.

If I am approved, how long do I have before I must travel?
The initial entry date (stated on your visa) is the date by which you must travel to Australia on your visa. This date is calculated based on the validity of your health and character clearances. These clearances are usually only valid for 12 months. If you (and any members of your family included in your application) do not enter by the initial entry date, you will breached a condition of your visa and consideration will be given to canceling your visa.

What does a migration agent do to help me get my visa?
A migration agent manages the visa process for – and with – you. This includes determining all documents required, assisting with document preparation and submission and liaising with Australian immigration officials on your behalf. If an agent offers a "no visa, no fee" guarantee, you can be assured that the agent is confident of a successful visa outcome. Engaging an agent to assist you greatly increases the likelihood that you'll get your visa on your first application.

How much does it cost to get a visa?
The cost of a visa application is made up of three parts – the government fees, health, character and English language tests and the professional fees paid to a migration agent to manage your visa process. Our fee depends on the visa type but we are very competitively priced.
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